Come out to support our Minions as they perform at the
2015 Essence Music Festival!
Performance dates and times are:
· Thursday, 7/2/15—3:00pm—Day of Service—Walmart Bullard Ave.
· Friday, 7/3/15—6:00pm—Superdome
· Saturday, 7/4/15—10:55am—Morial Convention Center Stage
· 2:30pm—Bourbon Street—Guerilla Pop-Up Performance
· Sunday, 7/5/15—10:55am—Morial Convention Center Stage
· 6:00pm—Superdome
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Studio G Dance & Gymnastics
THANKS to all who attended!
 Monday, June 15th for our 2015 Dance Review:
 "Hat's Off to Studio G!!!"
"NOW REGISTERING 2015 - 2016 Season!"
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Congratulations to our 2015 Cover Girl:
Nasya Janelle Jackson
Gianni is a Graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS with a
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Education. She is a member of Audac!ty Dance Collective,
Avatar Movement Dance Company, & National Dance Education Organization.
Mission Statement
Studio G - Dance & Gymnastics Company is a fine arts school that focuses on the fundamental principles of dancing and gymnastics.  We strive to foster a spirit of genuine appreciation for the traditional elements of dancing and gymnastics in each student, while incorporating the contemporary styles of our society.  We strive to provide an environment that develops each student’s creativity and uniqueness, while enforcing technical skills that will enrich the foundation of each student.