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Designed to Inspire and Develop

Our Curriculum

Our classes are available for both males and females, potty trained to adults.

Our class structure allows students to explore a variety of dance genres - including tap, ballet, pointe, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, African, and modern dance. 

Dance Curriculum

Tiny Tots, Rising Stars, & Emeralds PROGRAM:

Lessons included in this program are specially designed for those students that are potty trained and love to dance! Only student 5 years of age and under are accepted. The focus of this program is to introduce the student to the world of dance through familiar songs and nursery rhymes. Accessories such as balls, hula hoops, bubbles, pictures, stickers, etc. are incorporated into the lesson in an effort to enhance sensory development. This youthful group learns fundamental dance techniques and counting methods. Students typically spend 2-3 years in each program.

Royal Rubies, Prima Donnas & Sparklers PROGRAM:

Lessons included in this program focus on fundamental ballet and tap techniques and development skills, hand and leg coordination, musical interpretation, body alignment, basic dance language- including terminology and counting, rhythmic coordination development, and basic routine building. Students typically spend 2-3 years in each program.

Firecrackers & Blaze PROGRAM:

Beginner lessons included in these programs continuously stress techniques learned in the Prima Donnas Program and primarily Beginner tap and ballet combinations and progressions are also taught during this program. Intermediate lessons in this program focuses on the development of basic isolation moves, dance jumps, and turns. Tap and ballet skills will include turn and jump combinations, “quick feet” development. The intermediate lessons also introduce concepts of jazz and lyrical dance. Emphasis is placed on breathing and stamina building techniques for routine duration. Students typically spend 2 years in each program.

Bronze & Silver Team PROGRAM:

Lessons included in this program are specially designed for older students who have not yet experienced the fundamentals of dance techniques.   We tailor the learning environment for accelerated growth in ballet, tap, modern dance, and/or jazz.  Typically, these students are very, very eager to learn and possess a level of maturity that allows them to blossom beautifully throughout their program matriculation in a relatively short time frame.  These enthusiastic learners typically spend 2-3 years in each program.

Gold Team PROGRAM:

Gold Team Programs will develop and continuously review the fundamental tap, ballet, and jazz dance skill set.  Intermediate lessons will include in introduction to pointe skills for advanced ballet development.  Advanced lessons taught in this program require 1-2 years of pointe experience.  The lessons emphasize all the fundamental dance techniques, while developing advanced skills in all dance areas. Students will gain exposure to lyrical, modern, rhythmic and traditional tap, jazz, hip-hop, and a host of other dance genres. Students will begin to develop choreography skills and fundamental teaching skills to be used in and out of the studio setting.  Students typically spend 3-5 years in this program.



Throughout the course of the year, students will be taught a variety of skills on the floor and beam.  Floor skills taught will not only include beginner through intermediate tumbling, but also jumps, partner skills, flexibility and balance training, and weight training.

On beam, students will be taught basic tumbling, jump, and turn skills and a variety of mounts and dismounts.  Our gymnastics curriculum is available to our Tiny Tots, as well as for aspiring gymnasts of all ages - beginner to advance levels.  




An exciting performance experience for those students and parents who are ready for pre-professional level training. After completing the selection process, these students gain local, regional and national exposure to competitive dance, high profile performance opportunities, mastery level classes and a higher level of dance education.

We have Programs & Schedules

especially designed with your shining star in mind!

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